Construction & Renovation

JTF-East, Novo Selo Training Area, Novo Selo, Bulgaria (2009 to 2011)

Complete set up, maintenance and disassembly of a 3-months base camp in Novo Selo, Bulgaria as well as eventual construction of the permanent camp for the Bulgarian armed forces to include ground preparation for roads, shelters and parking areas. The base camp location was a barren areal consisting of sand, shrubs, fields and rocks. We prepared the grounds and built roads, foundations for buildings and tents, pads and parking lots by gravelling and compressing the surfaces into access roads and structure foundations. More than 10,000 sqm of tents had to be set up (German type fest tents, RUBB tents and GP large & medium tents), 100 shower units, 100 toilet units, installation of 3000 m of security fence, 2 traffic control points were built, 20 clearing barrels built and set up, 20 outdoor lighting fixtures set up and connected, 24 helicopter tie-downs and 394 internal dividers installed. 6400 KW of power were supplied with a completely autarkic functioning power supply system and 10,000 cubic meters of potable fresh water and removal of 10,000 cubic meter of grey water. A complete electrical system was installed throughout the camp. Fresh water delivery and grey water removal were performed on a daily basis. All tents were equipped with air conditioning, maintaining a constant temperature of 21°. We brought master electricians, tent masters, master air conditioning technicians and master water technicians on site to execute the work in accordance with expected quality and European Union standards. Road and grounds construction was performed by a Bulgarian company.

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