Life Support Area & Temporary Structures

Fuduric GmbH and now also with its partner eps GmbH (Fuduric/eps GbR) has been successfully realizing Life Support Area projects across Europe and Africa for the US Dept. of Defense for the last 10 years.

70th Anniversary of D-Day Celebrations (2014), Normandy, France

69th Anniversary of D-Day Celebrations (2009), Normandy, France

We have been awarded the Life Support Area services contract plus stage, sound and video for the D-Day celebrations in two consecutive occasions. Provisions and requirements included set up of latrines, showers facilities, tents, heating and cooling units, hand wash stations, trash containers and trash removal service, furniture for dining facility, forklifts, potable and grey water delivery/disposal and provision of power. For Omaha Beach the requirements include set up of public address system, camera supports, sound booths, light towers, construction of grand stand and stage over the reflecting pool, specific requirements for the media and press, housekeeping services, helipad and set up of the dining facility. In both cases the time line from bidding to award to commencement of work was extremely short. In 2014 for example, the St. Mere Eglise/Omaha Beach contract was awarded on 15th of May with work to be completed by 5 June 2014. We relied on our experience in setting up LSAs and large public events and on the experience of our management and field personnel. This combination and the close cooperation with responsible Government officials contributed to the overall success of the mission.

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