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  • D-Day Celebration
    Fuduric GmbH formed a successful partnership
    with eps GmbH in 2009, both German companies,
    and were awarded the Life Support Area
    Contract in 2014 for the 70th anniversary
    celebration in Normandy, France.

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  • Novo Selo
    Base Camp Construction:

    Fuduric GmbH designed and constructed
    first a temporary base camp for the US Army
    in Novo Selo, Bulgaria in 2009 and then
    and part of the same contract, permanent
    installations within the camp for the Bulgarian Armed Forces.

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  • Design & Renovation
    Design & Renovation of the School for
    Special Children at Mjedenica, Sarajevo,
    Bosnia & Herzegovina (2013)

    Fuduric completely renovated all doors and windows
    for this school for special children in the Balkans.
    Part of the projects restoring schools
    in the Balkans by the US Army.

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  • Base Camp Support
    Fuduric excels at providing not only LSA support
    at temporary camps and exercises but, the installation
    of temporary structures from tents to "Prefabs"
    as well as the construction of permanent structures.

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  • Construction
    Fuduric has designed, renovated and
    constructed structures from Germany
    to the Balkans

    Fuduric is also now in 2014 one of a few
    selected contractors for the USACE
    East Africa Construction MATOC

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  • Temporary Structures
    Fuduric excels at installing temporary structures
    such as tents xxxxxxx, Prefabs, specialized containers
    such as field kitchens, toilets/showers,
    or mobile field hospitals.

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  • D-Day 2009
    The confidence shown by the US Federal
    Government in awarding Fuduric/eps GbR two
    consecutive years the LSA support for the D-Day
    celebrations speaks by itself of the confidence
    awarded to our company.

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  • Products and Services
    Material Handling Equipment, Vehicle Leasing,
    and a wide Variety of Other Products and Services.

    Fuduric has been successfully providing products
    and services to the US Federal Government, NATO
    and other clients for the past 20+ years. From
    Germany through the Balkans to lately the Middle
    East and Africa, Fuduric excels at knowing the business.

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Welcome To Fuduric GmbH & Co. KG's Website

The firm FUDURIC, to include Fuduric GmbH & Co. KG (Germany), Fuduric Bulgaria Ltd. And Fuduric d.o.o. Croatia, is one of the premier providers of renovation, construction, and service support for the US Government in Europe. Since 2008 the FUDURIC firms have provided more than $ 4 million in support to the US Forces in Eastern Europe on various projects.

Past contracts with the US Army included range and training camp development with significant civil work to include road construction. FUDURIC has also provided millions of dollars of building renovation in Eastern Europe. Additionally, FUDURIC has provided logistics support to TCC Kaiserslautern Theater Constructing Center for contracts in Croatia and for rental vehicle support.